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Marty was a vain man. He grew up on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He still lives there now. His parents owned a prospering law firm and made a lot of money. His parents passed their entrepreneurial prowess to him and it shows. He is the Chief Executive Officer of his own health care company. Obviously, he has always lived the material life.
One day, as Marty got out of his limousine right in front of his office, his empty coffee cup in hand, he noticed a young girl, about 18 years old. She had mousy brown hair and hazel eyes with a green tint. She held a bucket in one hand and a sign in the other. The sign read "Millions of people die from cancer each year. You can help."
"Please sir, help find a cure." She begged as he walked by. He just chuckled and dropped his empty coffee cup in hand. The girl's hopeful smile faded and was replaced by a frown. He walked into the building as if nothing had happened.
Marty spent the rest of the day doing dull paperwork and checking up on his employees. Soon enough, it was time to leave work and go to the doctor for a checkup. After some measurements and questions about his eating habits, the doctor lead him into the room to get an x-ray.
Afterwards, the doctor came out carrying a clipboard and a pen. "I am afraid I have some terrible news. Walk with me."
A few months later, Marty was sitting in a hospital bed. He saw a young girl with mousy brown hair. She was walking from bed to bed, offering comfort to patients. She turned around and Marty was shocked by the color of her eyes. Hazel eyes with a green tint.
Charity is important...
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January 2, 2012
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