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Ty had an ordinary life. He had normal hopes, normal friends, and normal parents. However, once a year, his dad took a mysterious trip to who knows where. Whenever he asked his dad about the trip, his father would jump into a soliloquy about personal sanity. Ty would always think that his dad, a renowned philosopher and author, was just having an idea about his next book. This pattern would repeat for a few years until Ty was thirteen.
One summer morning, Ty was awoken by an incessant repetition of his name. "Ty, Ty, wake up!" The voice sounded familiar, so he woke up to find his dad by his bedside dressed in an unusual assortment of clothes. A pair of hiking boots, a netted hat, and a tan vest was being sported by the man who considered going to the diner a black tie formal event. "Ty, I need you to get dressed in outdoor clothes and get ready to go on a journey," his father instructed.
"Wait, what? Why? Where are we going?" Ty inquisitively replied.
"You will see when we get there."
Ty just decided to go along with it and do what his wise father asked him to. He must have a special day planned, he reasoned. So, they jumped in his father's car and drove off towards the mountains.
A few hours later, the car stopped and Ty, who fell asleep, was startled and woken up by the lack of movement. He opened up his eyes to find himself in a world he was not familiar with. A world where trees towered as far as the eye can see, bird calls vibrating off of trees, and grass that is real, not the sod outside of their mansion. "Where are we?" Ty stuttered, overwhelmed by the lush environment.
"Why son, we are at the home of our Native American ancestors." His father responded.
Ty was taken aback by this statement. He never knew where he was from, but now he does.
"Go ahead; go explore your ancestral abode, my son." Ty's father offered.
Ty, excited, dashed off into the woods, amazed at the scenery. At one point, he realized that this is where his father would go every year. He stopped to sit down and consider this thought. Then, he felt a rush of wind and found a few people standing over him. They all looked like him, but they wore different clothes and had a silvery outline.
One silver man stepped forward and smiled at Ty. He had seen that smile before o his father. "Hello Ty, it is a pleasure to be finally meeting my great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson after all this time. Yes, I am your ancestor, and I am proud of you. Now go and find your father and tell him that I said he is doing a great job raising you."
From that point on, Ty had a different, less materialistic view of the world. He was more spiritual and kind to others. He visited the ghosts of his family every year with his father for the rest of his life. He then took his son out to go on that mystical journey each year.
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January 2, 2012
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